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3AM Rant

At the time I thought she was mine.
Only now do I know she was something borrowed

Her feelings for me grew strong
I found a time where I was hoping for something novel to happen
I was wrong but the one thing I did right was try, I gave us a chance

She was taken from me
I was Exchanged and left to become silent. I am feeling Bittersweet and nothing more following her leave.

All I have left is hatred for a man and yearning for her body once again
It wasn’t lust then but it is now.

Surely she would’ve wanted what I feel now but I couldnt have been that man then nor can I change her now.

I am Haunted by her and all that can be remembered. A smell that puts me back in bed with her. A scene on the screen that make me shake.

When I see pictures of romance it makes me sick and I think why did I ever try being so nice. I couldn’t harm her then and not even now.

I am a man filled with desire now
No love on earth can satisfy this want to destroy and take all that there is, I will go on living only to ruin that which is ready for the taking.

She has taught me to satisfy and rely on my instincts. I will do just that.

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